Big vet visit (I weigh 6.9kg)

I saw vet Isabel 👩🏻‍⚕️who gave me a gravy bone straight away so is therefore the best vet in the world.

She also said the humans should be proud of me as I was a very good girl while having my temperature taken 🍑, my heart checked 🩺, my legs bent all over the place 😵‍💫, neck shaved 🪒 so blood could be taken 🩸to check liver and kidney function, and on top of that my annual Nobivac®️ L4 and DHP💉

The visit was mainly to check me out for my occasional partial seizure-like symptoms.

The blood work was all clear: no problems with liver, kidney, calcium levels all good, glucose all fine, no infections, no clotting issues.

The next step is for my history, results, and video to go to a neurology specialist to get their view on what might be going on.