About Me

I am a dog.

And that’s great.

I was handed in as a stray at the Kit Wilson Trust near Uckfield in Sussex. That was 29th December 2022, and I was called “Brie” — understandable with the xmas cheese around.

The KWT said: “When she was handed in, she had fox mange (sarcoptic mange, diagnosed from a skin scrape) showing as red skin, raw & sore and also around her face legs. The vet treated her with monthly Nexgard Spectra which cleared it up beautifully.”

According to a DNA test, I am 90% terrier (mostly Patterdale, Border, Parsons Russel) and 10% Cocker spaniel.

The advert for me said I’m “a typical terrier who can be quite lively […] she does like to chase with intent”, but also “very affectionate”.